Herding Fish

coaching for artists and makers

coaching artists and makers to help cut through the noise of conflicting priorities and focus on what really matters

Sharon Adams is a visual artist and coach who specialises in coaching artists and makers.

Studio time is precious, so I can help you filter out the work that’s most important to you right now, and focus on how to make the most of your time and resources.


who I work with

do you:

have multiple projects and ideas on the go at once?

feel like you don’t have time to focus on the right things?

find your days get used up with urgent commitments?

feel like the work you really want to make is out of reach?

long for more clarity and focus?

Visual artists and makers are resourceful, multi-skilled problem-solvers, qualities that can both enhance and distract from creative practice.  I work with people who want less scatter and more intention in their work.

In the words of Annie Dillard: ‘How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.’ 



the coaching process

Coaching is usually a series of conversations in which you have space to explore your thoughts and identify goals you would like to work toward.

This could be a specific project, a new marketing plan, or a renewed approach to practice.


A block of sessions could support a project over a few months by providing a thinking space and an accountability partner, and can be included in the project budget when making funding applications.

The first step is to book a free 30 min call to explore your questions and for you to get a feel of what it would be like for us to work together.

What’s the difference between a Coach, Mentor, Counsellor & Consultant?

a COACH works with their clients by helping them identify and achieve their own goals

a MENTOR has expertise and/or experience that is relevant to the clients’ needs

a COUNSELLOR works with their clients to address and resolve emotional issues

a CONSULTANT uses their skills and experience to identify changes that would benefit the client, and then does that work on the client’s behalf

what people say

You gave me space to think, and slowed my pace of thinking down, as usually my brain can run away with me.

Professional visual & performance artist

Sharon encouraged me to reflect on my value base, the benefits of boundaries, and to find the positive in what I do when I am exhausted and frustrated.

Visual arts curator

I surprised myself that I enjoyed the unrestricted access to my own thoughts.

I can see that when I talk to friends I have to be aware that I don’t ‘make it about me’ too much, that I listen.

Part time artist

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