Herding Fish

coaching for artists and makers

Working with a coach can give artists space to step back and see how well your current work aligns with where you want to be.

We all exist in the overlap between our various priorities. You might have multiple projects at different stages: new ideas brewing; some that need focused production time and others that are ready to be out in the world.

Ideally these three stages are well balanced and you have the resources you need to take care of yourself and your needs as a human being at the same time.

But often our available time and attention gets used up by whatever’s urgent and we don’t often take time and space to reflect on the overall direction of our practice and how well it fits with our needs as an artist and as a person.

Issues with procrastination, planning and setting priorities come up in creative work for many reasons, and are a particular challenge for individuals with ADHD.

Coaching provides accountability, structure, focus and support. In turn, these increase resilience, optimism and self-esteem.


Coaching is a partnership, a specific type of conversation in which I listen carefully to my client’s description of what’s happening and help them get really clear about what that is, and what they would like to happen next. The process helps identify and clarify goals and develop realistic plans to achieve them.

As a coach, I’m not there to give advice. Instead I create a focused productive space for each client to explore and pursue their own thinking. This can be especially helpful at times of change, and coaching is a great framework to build into bigger projects to create focus and accountability.

Coaching starts from the present and looks to the future. It takes the position that you have the knowledge and ability to direct your own life, and offers guidance to help identify places where you’re unwittingly holding yourself back.

Working with a coach can therefore help get past feelings of being stuck, and while it can be an emotional process, it’s usually not appropriate when mental health is in crisis.

about me

I love seeing people connect with their own fire and take hold of what they want to create for themselves.

I used to be MD at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in London and Manchester until I realised I had dreams of my own to fulfil and ran away to the seaside where I spent 3 glorious years at art school in Brighton.

Moving back to Northern Ireland in 2012, I have since supported my art practice with freelance arts admin for various organisations. My past experience as director of an SME brings a leaning towards marketing and project management.

In January 2020 I took on an interim role at Craft NI, which placed me in maker support as the pandemic hit. As everything changed, I created their weekly Plan C Newsletter to keep the local maker community informed and supported.

While delivering training courses to artists and makers, I had realised how much I enjoy helping people connect with the sweet spot at the centre of why they love what they do – because then the work of getting it done (and knowing how to talk about it) is so much easier. I planned to train in coaching and during lockdown in 2020 was delighted to complete the  programme with RD1st online.  Having recognised ADHD traits in many of my clients, in 2023 I am completing the Award for ADHD Coaching, delivered by Barrett Coaching and Training. I am a member of the Association for Coaching and have regular Supervision.

My visual art practice sits alongside and around coaching and includes hosting occasional events at my studio. This is my journey too.


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