Herding Fish

coaching for artists and makers

90 minute mapping session

A 90 minute mapping session can be a one-off or used to kick-start a block of regular coaching sessions.

It helps artists and makers clarify:

  • where you are in your practice
  • what you want next
  • how to get yourself there

Take a deep dive into plotting out where you are now and how that relates to what you what next. What needs more attention, what needs less? Set your intentions for the months ahead, and take that clarity with you.

The mindset that takes a deep dive into a new idea or material is different to the one that makes project plans, writes an application, or updates your website.

Herding Fish explores ways to balance creativity with the reality of completing things. Your practice might be a personal outlet that sits quietly alongside paid work. Or you might have a selling or exhibiting practice packed with deadlines. You might be a parent or have caring responsibilities or health challenges of your own.

Either way, the reality is that you are juggling different projects and commitments while hoping to earn enough income to keep going. How do you decide which ideas to work on, stay focused and motivated while completing them and create ways for the work to reach other people.

The structure of the 90 minute mapping session is to first reflect on the nature of your overall practice. What you do, where and how.

Then we explore your current realities, where specifically you are in your practice right now. And also how you are in your self.

By placing you as an individual at the centre of your practice, your plans for the next stage will include support for you as a person.

Finally, we discuss what you want next and make a plan for how you’ll go about doing those things over the next few months.

£80-120, payable in advance. See more about my sliding scale here.

The first step is book in a free no-obligation call to see how we’d go about working together.