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Finding support for your practice

23 February 2023
I’ve written before about how coaching supports artists and about the differences between coaching and mentoring.

If you’re thinking this kind of support would be helpful, how do you go about deciding who to work with?

Think about

  • Why do you want support now
  • What do you want to gain from the process
  • How will you pay for the sessions – is this part of a funding application
  • Do you want to be helped or heard

Most coaches offer a free introductory call so you can talk about the reasons you’re looking for support and find out how it feels to discuss them with that person.

It’s important to feel comfortable with your chosen coach/mentor, so the intro call is a way for you to test that. It’s not a sales call, and you won’t be pushed into anything you’re not comfortable with.

If you’d like to have a chat with me, you can book that here.

Alternatively, here are three people I’ve worked with and can personally recommend:

Ruth Singer is an experienced textile artist who combines her personal practice with mentoring and consultancy. She offers a range of support to individual artists through one to one mentoring, a membership group, courses, and other resources. https://ruthsinger.com/business-support/mentoring/

Melody Vaughan is a curator and writer who specialises in contemporary craft.  With a background in museums and as a maker, Melody takes a particular interest in helping people connect with why they make the work they do, and offers a range of support in practice development, writing and network building. https://www.melodyvaughan.com/services

Sarah Longfield is a creative business and life coach who works with a wide range of creative people. She offers one to one sessions as well as online courses and resources and helps people with business, creativity and life balance questions. https://www.sarahlongfield.co.uk/coaching