Herding Fish

coaching for artists and makers

one to one accountability sessions

A coaching hybrid that offers the format used in the Integrate Accountability Groups in a block of 4 super-focused one to one coaching sessions.

Ideal for those who need flexibility to schedule around other commitments. Book your 30 min sessions on a day that suits you, rather than aligning with group times on fixed dates.

Suitable for artists and makers, and for artisan business owners who need more flexibility in the monthly sessions.

This action-focused format assumes you have a good sense of what you want to achieve but you keep getting sidelined by other things. If you want to dive deeper into your habits and patterns, one hour sessions would be more suitable.


4 half-hour sessions via Zoom

Monthly sessions spread across a 4 month period with flexible dates/times to suit you

£130 for 4 sessions + Align Workbook



Price includes the Align Workbook which takes you through a self-reflective process to focus your intentions before the first session.

Alternatively, add on a separate 90 min Mapping Session to take a deeper dive into your planning.


your commitment

Arrive at the first session with an outline of what you want to work on over the four months. You might already know what this is (eg a project/deadline), you might use the Align Workbook to clarify it, or you could add on a Mapping Session as a starter.

Together we will break down your actions and so you have a workable plan for the month ahead.

You go away and do the work.

We meet again a month later. Discuss what worked well and anything that didn’t. And use that to plan your approach to the next month.


All one to one coaching starts with a no-obligation chat so we can both see what it would be like to work together. 

The button below takes you to my calendar when you can pick your own slot. Or email me if you prefer another day/time.