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Happy New Year

2 January 2023

The calendar says it’s a new year and that brings a whole load of ‘new you’ stuff along with it.

Most of us who’ve been around the sun a few times know these dark foggy days in early January really aren’t the ideal time to reinvent ourselves.

Creative practice likes a deadline though, a fixed point now and then to encourage us to gather our thoughts and focus our attention.

I created the Integrate Accountability Group for people who want to make plans and come back to them at monthly intervals. To have somewhere to check in and remind themselves of their overall plans and ideas. The groups are small (max 6) so everyone is visible and everyone shares where they’re at. Hearing that others are also dealing a big helping of LIFE alongside their creative practice is deeply reassuring and encouraging.

There are a couple of places available to join in January (starts Thursday 12) or if you prefer to let these weeks pass without pressure, I’ve just opened the bookings for the block starting in February. I plan to start a new 4-month block each month, so there will be further options in spring.

Everyone who joins an Integrate Group gets a free copy of the Align Workbook to complete before the first session. The workbook is now available separately for £20, and anyone who buys the workbook and then decides to join Integrate gets the workbook price deducted. So if you’re not quite sure about joining the group, you have the option to try the workbook first and then decide.

The Align Workbook includes my SWOT grid which takes the familiarity of the SWOT analysis used in business planning (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities threats) and creates a framework to help you break through procrastination (sweet, wonky, oscillating, tricky).

I’ve put that into a 4-page SWOT Workbook which is now available as a free download to get you started.

Happy New Year!